Laboratory of psychology is a work unit tasked with facilitating all student practicum activities, research and development of experimental psychological tools. The initial idea of creating a psychology laboratory has existed since the Faculty of Psychology was established in 196, led by the founder of the Faculty of Psychology. The aim is to facilitate the making of a student’s final project or better known as a methodical thesis. Along with curriculum changes from time to time, the laboratory of Psychology facilitates other lecture activities such as Biopsychology in providing miniatures of the human brain, psychodiagnostics and counseling practicums as well as practicum with experimental methods where the development of psychophysical experimental tools is developed.

To answer global challenges, since 2018, the Laboratory of Psychology has begun to develop a “Computer based experimental assessment” with a flagship program developing Implicit Associative Test for measuring attitudes, sexual orientation and happiness in collaboration with related parties such as Dinas Psikologi Angkatan Darat and several universities in Indonesia. In addition, the Laboratory of Psychology Universitas Padjadjaran has a database of psychological instruments containing more than 2000 measurement scales and their manuals for psychological constructs such as: well-being, happiness, leadership resilience, Political Skill inventory, etc. which is useful to help the psychology academic community of Universitas Padjadjaran (civitas) in conducting research and completion of final tasks. This database can only be registered by civitas who is registered in the system.

Laboratory of Psychology Facilities

The Laboratory of Psychology is a work unit that has the main task to facilitate all lecture activities such as: Psychodiagnostics and counseling practicum, experimental method practicum and data collection of psychological research. To support these activities, several facilities and infrastructure are owned by the Laboratory of Psychology which is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Mar’at Building.

Lecture Facilities

Facilities owned by the laboratory consist of:

  • 40 individual practicum rooms equipped with one-way mirrors and CCTV
  • 5 observation rooms with one-way mirror
  • 5 computers for data collection Computer Based Experiment
  • 1 practical tool display room
  • 1 administration room
  • 1 CCTV monitoring room
  • 1 workshop

Psychodiagnostics and Counseling Practicum Facilities

In order to support Psychodiagnostics and counseling practicum, various kinds of standardized tests are owned by the Faculty of Psychology, such as:


Experimental Methods Practicum Facilities

To facilitate the learning process in improving students’ professional skills, the laboratory of psychology have experimental practicum tools for measuring psychophysical research, including:

Psychological Instruments Database Facility

This psychological instrument database contains more than 2000 psychological instruments in the form of questionnaires and interview guides that are made from students’ final assignments. All instruments are equipped with a manual that contains conceptual definitions, theories, reliability and evidence of the validity of measuring instruments. This instrument can be accessed privately for the academic civitas with prior registration via email and
In addition to being able to see the instruments that can be used for research, this Instrument database web can also be used by students to submit a laboratory-free letter by following the guidelines: Surat Pengantar Bebas Lab (Lab-Free Cover Letter)