Investigating the underpinning factors and psychological function that are related to human’s daily life. The study includes: application of biology and human physiology along with work-plan technology to achieve productivity, work efficiency, and better wellbeing.

Human Capital & Entrepreneurship Studies

Studying entrepreneurship, human capitals, and its development in Indonesia especially among millennials


Researching and developing programs for family development that includes child and parent development, along with couple and family relationships.

Interpersonal Relationship

Studying how an interpersonal relationship develops, its underpinning factors, and how an interpersonal relationship affects other aspects of one’s life such as emotion, cognition and health.

Intergenerational Studies

Conducting generational/intergenerational studies

Organizational Well-Being

Research in the application of psychology in organizations in order to create productivity and wellbeing for the human resources.

Psychological Intervention

Studying the development and innovation in psychological intervention at the intrapersonal, interpersonal, institutional, community, and public policy level both in clinical and non-clinical setting.

Psychology on Disaster

Studying and applying the principles of human psychological function that are related to disaster. It focuses on educating the volunteers and survivors about the role of Psychology (Psychological First Aid, Assessment, Intervention) in disaster management.

Well-Being and Quality of Life

Conducting research, teaching, community service and networking in the areas of well-being and quality of life (QoL), of which in various investigations and interventions are often used as the final outcomes.

Political Psychology

Studying and discussing political behavior and political corruption.

Positive Education

Focusing on research that applies positive psychology in educational settings that includes student’ academic, character, and welfare.

Positive Psychology

Conducting learning and research in positive psychology.

Social Anxiety

Conducting social anxiety studies

Social Cognition

To understand the development of social cognition and the mechanisms of social cognition that occur in individuals across the human life span (children to adults).

Social and Community

To collaborate research and action in natural setting to systematically understand and promote wellness of individuals and/within communities. To do so, the group is committed to place value of the voice of individuals and communities and to work in partnership to facilitate empowerment.

Statistics and Education

A group of lecturers who are interested in teaching Statistics in Psychology and also developing various methods and teaching materials for Statistics education in Psychology.