The first Padjadjaran Psychology Conference Series (PPCS) was held in 2019 to accommodate Indonesian psychology researchers to discuss their studies within (although not limited to) the psychology community. As we observed that the 1st PPCS 2019 made a significant contribution to the publication quality and quantity, we understand that this event shall be organized on an ongoing basis. As a result, the second PPCS is planned to be held on October 8-9th 2021.
The topic of the second PPCS is Future Path of Psychology: Improving Well-being in Hybrid Life. We chose this topic as COVID-19 pandemic and national partial lockdown that have great influences on many aspects of human lives. Up to now, offline meetings were still limited and most educational as well as bussiness-related activities (including psychological practices such as counseling, psychotherapy and psychoeducation) are conducted both in online or in hybrid settings. Accordingly, the second PPCS wants to describe the future issues that emerge due to the rapid life transition from offline to online and hybrid settings. In this regard, we also aim to find creative ideas or perhaps solutions that can be developed to answer further questions and demands on psychology and its related disciplines.