2020 – 2024

To become an international standard higher education provider in the development of science and the application of psychology for the welfare of mankind.


  • Organizing integrated pentadharma (teaching, research, community service, student activities and partnerships), which are able to meet the demands of the community using higher education services and are regionally competitive;

  • Organizing the development of psychology that is internationally competitive, relevant to the demands of the development of science and technology and the needs of the community through strategic partnerships;

  • Organizing professional and accountable management of caturdharma to increase the trust and image of the Faculty of Psychology;

  • Forming academic people who have leadership spirit and are oriented to the nobility of local culture, national culture in the diversity of world cultures, as well as a psychological code of ethics.


  • The achievement of reputable institutions and study programs in the international region;

  • The establishment of a conducive academic climate for the implementation of pentadharma;

  • Achievement of graduates from the Faculty of Psychology who have leadership qualities and are internationally competitive, as well as uphold the psychological code of ethics and local culture;

  • The achievement of superior psychological research and innovation results based on the Unpad Principal Scientific Pattern and the Psychological Code of Ethics that are in accordance with the needs of the community;

  • The realization of psychological well-being through psychological services to the community through the pentahelix concept;

  • The development of cooperation with various parties in the implementation of pentadharma.

  • The development and integration of the use of information technology in improving the quality of services in accordance with public demands;

  • The development of accountable governance in accordance with the laws and regulations as well as the achievement of financial resources that support the achievement of stability in the implementation of the pentadharma;

  • The development of a superior self-image based on noble traditions, performance excellence and a psychological code of ethics;

  • Development of resources that support academic and professional excellence;

  • Having capable and professional human resources in the implementation of pentadharma.