The Faculty of Psychology’s Public Relation — HIMPSI’s (Himpunan Psikologi Indonesia) Congress was held in a hybrid manner with HIMPSI North Sumatra as the host. This event was held on Friday (30/9/22) s.d. Saturday (1/10/22). The main location of this year’s congress was in Parapat City, Danau Toba. All delegations from different regions in Indonesia and HIMPSI’s administrators attended this event, either offline or online from their respective homes. From 34 HIMPSI regions, delegates from each region were sent, adjusting to the total number of members of the region. In addition, there are also 20 associations under HIMPSI itself such as Association of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Asosiasi Psikologi Industri dan Organisasi (APIO)), the Indonesian Health Psychology Association (Asosiasi Psikologi Kesehatan Indonesia (APKI)), the Social Psychology Association (Asosiasi Psikologi Sosial), etc. Academics, practitioners, and students came as delegates. Practitioners are Psychological scientists who are graduates of Psychology Major and Psychologists who have ever practiced. As AP2TPI’s (Asosiasi Penyelenggara Pendidikan Tinggi Psikologi Indonesia) chairman and Dean of Padjadjaran University Faculty of Psychology, Mrs. Zahrotur acted as the keynote speaker during the opening of the 2022 HIMPSI XIV Congress which bridged cooperation between universities, AP2TPI, and professional organizations.

Mrs. Zahrotur as the Keynote Speaker in “Peningkatan Kerjasama antara Perguruan Tinggi, AP2TPI, dan Organisasi Profesi Himpunan Psikologi” during HIMPSI XIV Congress. [Photo: HIMPSI’s Documents]

Two main events of HIMPSI XIV Congress 2022 were HIMPSI Organization Session and Scientific Meeting. Besides attending HIMPSI Organization Session which discussed the change of HIMPSI’s chairman, Mrs. Zahrotur also attended the Symposium regarding Gen Z — a part of Scientific Meeting. The presentations presented at HIMPSI Symposium were diverse. Some of the speakers did research and took sample data for their research presentation, but there were also practitioners who observed the circumstances and conditions around them (action research). The first speaker was Dr. Ayu Dwi Nindyati, M.Sc., a Psychologist from Pancasila University who brought Gen Z’s needs at the current time as her topic. What does Gen Z need the most? Achievement, affiliation, or power? Her findings revealed that Gen Z’s highest need is the need for achievement. The second speaker was Dr. Sumaryono, M.Si, a psychologist from Gadjah Mada University. He presented his research result regarding the form of interpersonal relationship that Gen Z develops these days. It was shown that Gen Z are more focused on collaborative relationships to achieve something. This finding was interesting as it supports the previous presentation. Besides these two presentations, Antonius Irwan, S.T. who is a young leader/service manager at Auto 2000 Jakarta also presented a phenomenon in his workplace, where job satisfaction for Gen Z is strongly influenced by internal motivation.

Regardless of age and ability, everyone could participate in this year’s HIMPSI Congress. The proof was that several Padjadjaran University students presented presentations in parallel classes (one of a series of Scientific Meetings), which were divided into classes with certain themes. Although their attendance did not directly represent Padjadjaran University Faculty of Psychology, Mrs. Zahrotur was proud and happy when students have enthusiasm to participate in such events. Mrs. Zahrotur herself has high hopes for the presence of her students in events such as the HIMPSI Congress, both in Bandung and UNPAD itself. She even said, “I am very sure that our Padjadjaran University Faculty of Psychology students have very high potential.”. Hence, students need not feel insecure even though their abilities are still not as good as other people, there will be room for growth such as the HIMPSI Congress. Events like these could be a big leap to improve our skills.

The Process of Giving Ulos to Mrs. Zahrotur. [Photo: HIMPSI’s Documents]

The HIMPSI XIV Congress event left an impression from Mrs. Zahrotur, namely at the Organizational Session, Mrs. Zahrotur learned to see the organization from a political-related point of view. Meanwhile during the Symposium, she stated that all research’s findings were interesting — topics from the first, second, and third presenter supported each other equally. Even though the HIMPSI Congress was attended by practitioners and academics, the situation during the congress was not stiff at all. It instead gave birth to an insight to conduct further research regarding Gen Z. In addition, it was also a good thing that no one is judgmental to any kind of questions asked by participants. Such situations helped improve analytical thinking skills. For suggestion, a longer duration for the next congress might be necessary so that the entire event can be carried out without the cancellation of activities due to limited time (H/SKN)*.

Mrs. Zahrotur as the Chairman of AP2TPI and Dean of Padjadjaran University Faculty of Psychology with Other Delegates. [Photo: HIMPSI’s Documents]