Short Course: Family during COVID-19

To extend and deepen understanding family dynamic during COVID-19, Studio of Continuing Education, Faculty of Psychology Universitas Padjadjaran presents:

Benefits for participants

  • Extend the knowledge about how COVID-19 alters family development both in Indonesian as well as in international settings.
  • Have a valuable chance to build international networks.
  • Have a possibility to win short course awards.
  • Obtain an e-certificate of the program at the end of the short course.
  • For workshop participants: have a chance to express themselves in a form of an autoethnography project and become important agents that inform the society about family situations and dynamics during the infectious disease event.

Participants Criteria

  • All events without an active participation in the Workshop Module: both Indonesian and international students as well as public.
  • All events including an active participation in the Workshop Module: participants must have family members who were infected by COVID-19.


Every Saturday from November 27th 2021 to January 15th 2022


Opening and General Introduction: Family’s situation during COVID-19

  1. Talkshow : Indonesian Families During COVID-19
  2. Seminar: Families During COVID-19: Examples from Germany
  3. Introduction and General Rules

Module 1: Working from Home

  1. Organizational Factors As Support System to Employee Well-Being and Productivity
  2. New Strategies Managing Workspace during Working from Home
  3. Personal Factors Affecting Employee Well-Being during Working from Home : Impacts and Challenges to Family Dynamics
  4. How to best maintain ourselves well-being as employee and our family well being ?

Module 2: Marriage issues

  1. Marital relationship during covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia
  2. Life Satisfaction and quality of life of Indonesian Married Individuals during Covid-19 Pandemic
  3. International Family Strength Model : An Introduction

Module 3: Motherhood

  1. Mothers’ psychological distress during Covid-19
  2. Important determinants for mothers’ distress (e.g., sociodemographic factors, social support, coping stress)
  3. Parenting stress : Comparison between Indonesia and Malaysia
  4. The influence of perception of COVID-19 on parenting stress and behavior
  5. Management of parenting stress (experiences of Indonesian and Malaysian mothers)

Module 4: Learning during pandemic

  1. Supporting and inhibiting factors of Learning During Pandemic
  2. Family function and family roles of learning during pandemic
  3. Parental strategy for assisting children during pandemic
  4. Learning during pandemic from the perspective of Malaysian Families

Seminar: Families During COVID-19: Examples from Germany

  1. Parent’s School Satisfaction during School Lockdown in Germany
  2. Indonesian Family Living in Germany during Covid-19


Seminar: Mindfulness in Daily Relationship

Wrap up: Presentation from participants

Award annoucement

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Indonesian Participants

  • Without Workshop

  • With Workshop

  • per module

International Participants

$ USD 25
  • Without Workshop

$ USD 35
  • With Workshop

$ USD 7
  • per module

Payment Method

Bank Negara Indonesia

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Contact Us

Contact Person 1 : Nabilah M. L. Dinillah


Contact Person 2 : Amalia N. I. Ramadhani


What are active and non-active participants in workshop module?

Active participants will be assigned an autoethnographic project. Non-active participants can join the introduction to the module. However, they will not be assigned an individual project.

What are the eligibility criteria for active participants in the workshop module?

Active participants in the workshop module should have at least a family member that was/is infected by COVID-19.

What is the instructional language of the short course?

the short course will mostly be instructed in English. However, in some part of the modules, the presentations maybe conducted in Bahasa. In this case, an English translation will be provided.

Can I participate in one module only?

Yes. However, you should pay the full amount of registration fee.