We believe that great research is research that can be applied appropriately to help solve psychological problems at the level of individuals, groups, organizations, and communities. We have identified our six main research areas that can be useful for human well-being at various levels, which is manifested by the existence of six study centers.

In accordance with our vision to be a superior higher education organizer at the international level, we strive to encourage students and lecturers to continue to develop excellent research, keep up with the changing times, and collaborate with researchers at the international level.

In developing our research, we also try to stay dynamic, so that students will be exposed to the latest research in psychology and encourage them to produce the best work for Indonesia and the world.

Lecturers, students, and researchers are members of a working group that accommodates research interests and expertise as well as applied in the fields of psychology. Through this working group, we have succeeded in producing works in the form of books, articles in national and international journals, popular articles in various mass media, as well as applied products of intervention, promotion, and prevention that are useful for the welfare of society.