The Faculty of Psychology’s Public Relation — The usual serene Plaza Batu in front of the Mar’at Wiradimadja building in the Faculty of Psychology turned into a lively, bustling place on Friday, 30 September 2022. It’s a rare sight, considering many Psychology classes are done online. But not this one. The Interpersonal Relationship Class was done intensively offline. The class start from Monday to Friday, 26 – 30 September 2022.

Poster Sharing Session in front of the Mar’at Wiradimadja Building, Faculty of Psychology. [Picture: KUI]

Lecture session with Mr. Johan. Students are giving their perspectives to the class. [Picture: KUI]

That is not only the uniqueness this class has. A lecturer from Radboud University, Prof. Johan Karremans, came to Indonesia to personally teach the class. He gave the attending students insights on the material, ranging from the evolutionary perspective of relationships to interpersonal communication. Accompanying him are lecturers from Universitas Padjadjaran, acting as an advisor for students to review their projects.

Mr. Johan’s lecture session. Mr. Johan is presenting the material to the students. [Picture: KUI]

That project was then displayed in Plaza Batu. Posters from 18 groups consisted of research ideas they found interesting to explore. Many onlookers, varying from students to lectures, gathered around to hear expositions from each group about their beautifully designed poster.

Poster section in front of the Mar’at Wiradimadja building, students are explaining the contents of their posters. [Picture: KUI]

If you didn’t manage to catch the event, don’t worry! All posters are now on display on the first floor of the Mar’at Wiradimadja building, Faculty of Psychology. Come around and see! *(KUI)

Student posters lined up in a row. [Picture: KUI]