The Faculty of Psychology’s Public Relation — Happy birthday, Faculty of Psychology, Padjadjaran University. Let’s continue to work for the nation!

The series of activities for the 61st Anniversary of the Faculty of Psychology, Padjadjaran University has been going on from May-November 2022. There were so many events held, including Halal Bihalal Idul Fitri 1143 H, Summer Course Psychological Assessment, Bandung Online Conference, New Student Admission, One Day International Conference, Alumni Gathering, Commemoration Ceremony of the 61st Anniversary, and Book Review. The Commemoration Ceremony as the highlight of the 61st Dies Natalis itself was held on October 22, 2022 at 09.00 WIB to 12.00 WIB. In the arrangement of the event, a scientific oration was held by Mr. Aulia Iskandarsyah, M.Psi., M.Sc., Ph.D., undergraduate’s pledge, psychologist oath, inauguration of masters and doctors of psychology, awards for outstanding students, and impressions of alumni’s messages represented by Mr. Erwien Garibaldi. Due to having to adjust to the pandemic situation, the event was carried out in a hybridly. Offline event was held at Graha Sanusi Unpad and online event was held via Zoom Meeting.

Situation of Padjadjaran University’s Faculty of Psychology’s 61st Dies Natalis

Photo: Public Relations Fapsi’s Documentation

At the beginning, Mr. Dr. Yus Nugraha, MA., Psychologist as chairman of the committee said, “This year’s theme is Sustainability of Human Well-Being: When Psychology Meets Technology, sparked from the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic which indirectly brings blessings in disguise.”. The changes during this period has succeedly accelerating the technology and revolution of social change that supported every human being to be able to adapt, along with technological advances. Technological progress should be along with aspects of human welfare in general. Integrating technology into the practice of mental health services in order to achieve human well-being and make transformational change with colleagues in the field of Psychology.

The Dean of Padjadjaran University’s Faculty of Psychology, Ms. Zahrotur Rusyda Hinduan, MOP, Ph.D., Psychologist was also present to provide reports related to achievements and activities at Padjadjaran University’s Faculty of Psychology and invited the Padjadjaran University’s Faculty of Psychology’s family to continue improving quality and evaluating existing aspects to promote Psychological Higher Education in Indonesia, developing science and providing international standard Psychology education. She also mentioned that the integration of technology and psychology can be a solution to provide transformative changes in the prevention, promotion, and treatment of psychological problems through more flexible, agile, on-demand, and personalized services. To support this, Unpad and the Faculty of Psychology themselves have started to implement the use of technology in the implementation of their education. This can be seen from hybrid learning and learning areas that are equipped with facilities and infrastructure with more advanced technology.

Ms. Zahrotur Rusyda Hinduan, MOP, Ph.D., Psychologist, Dean of Unpad Faculty of Medicine who Provided Report on Unpad Fapsi Activities and Achievements this Year

Photo: Public Relations Fapsi Documentation

In addition to higher education in Psychology, psychological services and implementation in the field of technology are also crucial to be discussed. Mr. Iskandarsyah as a scientist orator encourages Padjadjaran University’s Faculty of Psychology family to continue to make breakthroughs in order to facilitate the needs of the Indonesian people, and participate in “breakthroughs” as people in other parts of the world have done. As the representative of Padjadjaran University’s Faculty of Psychology, Mr. Iskandarsyah has begun to take steps, especially in the assessment and intervention that can be seen by the launch of the Virtual Reality Personnel Assessment Test (VR-PAT), digital-based online psychological testing and Psychological Online Assessment services, and the development of various mobile applications.

The development of era, time, and its demands are three crucial parts which acted as the background of the selection of Psychotechnology as the 61st Anniversary’s topic. As the Chief Executive of the Padjadjaran University’s Faculty of Psychology‘s 61st Anniversary Committee, Mr. Nugraha explained that each period demands different adaptations and needs according to the changes. This of course applies to all parties and aspects — including Psychology, we should also adapt and change. This is impossible not to do. Those who study and work in Psychology play an important role in the development and preparation of HR (Human Resources) in any era. In order to integrate HR development with technology or digital, this theme was chosen for this 61st Anniversary. Hopefully, this will later be able to support Psychology personnel to continue work and form a more prosperous community environment, especially psychologically.

To complete series of events in this anniversary, Mr. Erwien Garibaldi was invited to give speech and messages as an alumni through Zoom meeting. He is an alumni of Padjadjaran University’s Faculty of Psychology who currently works overseas, developing human resources, and be a global talent. Of course, this is something to be proud of and inspiring, the presence of Mr. Erwien is a motivation for the Padjadjaran University’s Faculty of Psychology family.

Hopefully, with the description of Psychotechnology topics presented, 135 graduates of the Psychology Study Program S1, 4 graduates from the Psychology Study Program, 37 graduates from the Professional Psychology Study Program (S2), and 5 graduates from the Doctoral Psychology Study Program who have their degrees confirmed can be more enthusiastic to develop innovation and services in the mental health sector. Especially for now, where we are starting to enter the industrial revolution 5.0 that awaits.

Implementation of the Swearing of the Oath by the Graduates

Photo: Public Relations Fapsi Documentation

This 61st Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony received a good response from Mr. Nugraha. He appreciated the committees who were so solid, the neat and thorough preparations. Remembering the flashback of Padjadjaran University’s Faculty of Psychology’s journey, the anniversary was held at Graha Sanusi Dipatiukur in 2019. This year is the first time the 61st Anniversary is held in a hybrid manner. Although the participants didn’t seem too crowded because they had to adjust to regulations during the pandemic, the atmosphere of the 61st Anniversary this time was always filled with emotion and happiness. Mr. Nugraha hopes that the next event can be carried out completely in an attractive manner so that they can meet each other in person. He also hopes to invite other speakers who can give an idea that Psychology graduates can work in various sectors and become global talents. *(H/SKN)