The Faculty of Psychology’s Public Relation – Four years of waiting for the HIMPSI Scientific Meeting has come to realization in 2022 on Friday (30/9) to Sunday (2/10) in Parapat, Lake Toba. Previously, a series of events simultaneously socialized this event such as associations on improving competence, insight, skills from each field of psychology such as Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and Child Psychology.

The agenda of the HIMPSI Scientific Meeting 2022 is to discuss the standard of psychology and the direction of psychological development after promulgation of PLP Law (Law on Education and Psychological) which was proposed by the chairman of the commission. In addition, there was a replacement period for the chairman of HIMPSI where the previous chairman of HIMPSI, Prof. Dr. Seger Handoyo, Psychologist and head of AP2TPI, Ms. Zahrotur Rusyda Hinduan, S.Psi, M.O.P., Ph.D did the reporting and at the end, a new HIMPSI chair was appointed.

Participants of the HIMPSI Scientific Meeting 2022 in North Sumatra. [Photo: Public Relations Fapsi]

The event, which was organized by HIMPSI North Sumatra, aims to present the current research conducted by psychologists in Indonesia from universities, associations, practitioners to related institutions such as the Army and Navy Psychological Services, Psychological Research Institutes and Hospitals. The presentation topics were very diverse, namely Digital Psychology, Tourism Psychology and Creative Industries, Indigenous Psychology, Positive Psychology and Mental Health, Forensic Psychology and Public Policy, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Resilience Psychology and Islamic Psychotherapy, and others. This shows the development trend of Psychology research in Indonesia. Of course, 150 participants whose presentations will be incomplete if they’re not attended by representatives from the Faculty of Psychology, University of Padjadjaran. The representative who attended was Dr. Anissa Lestari Kadiyono, M.Psi, Psychologist, with a presentation on Positive Psychology and Mental Health. In addition, representatives from Unpad Fapsi who attended included Zahrotur Rusyda Hinduan, S.Psi., MOP, Ph.D, Dr. Yus Nugraha, M.A, and Hari Setyowibowo, S.Psi., M.Psi., Ph.D., Psychologist.

A Few Representatives of the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Padjadjaran in the HIMPSI Scientific Meeting 2022 with the General Chairperson of the Central Board of the Indonesian Psychological Association. [Photo: Public Relations Fapsi]

Unmitigated, Dr. Anissa Lestari Kadiyono, M.Psi, Psychologist presented the results of research with her two colleagues from Maranatha University on “Well Being of Indonesian Remote Workers Who Work in the IT Sector: Descriptive Study”. The research topic was taken against the background of a change in the form of work — which although it has occurred in the last 10 years — its development has been increasingly massive since the beginning of the pandemic. People still try to work productively even though they can’t meet in person because of restrictions. One example in the field of Psychology is the implementation of online tele-assessment and tele-intervention which are regulated in the AP2TPI Number 1/Kep/AP2TPI/2021. Even as situations change, the basic need for individuals to remain happy and have well-being remains the same. Even if they can do work from home, individuals still feel the workload. Of course, even in different environments for example in terms of place and relationship. What is then examined in this study is the pressure and its shape in terms of the meaning of well-being. This study seeks to reveal whether working online is happier and can maintain well-being or not.

Presentment of this study is very fascinating, in fact there are no problems and differences between remote workers who work from home fully and remote workers who work hybridly (sometimes at home or office), the difference is seen in the level of happiness between women and men. Research has shown that the happiness level of women who work from home is lower than that of men. In addition, the relationship between individuals also plays an important role that can affect the quality of one’s happiness. This becomes essential to maintain the well-being of the individual, regardless of where the individual works.

According to Mrs. Anissa, what made the HIMPSI Scientific Meeting different this time was the euphoria felt when meeting colleagues from all over Indonesia. This long-awaited event is also a place for her to get in touch with her students who have graduated from the Psychologist Profession Masters Study Program. She even said that the HIMPSI Scientific Meeting this time felt like a reunion, one and the other already knew each other well. This scientific meeting is also a good moment to build new relationships to collaborate in the future.

For the next HIMPSI Scientific Meeting, Mrs. Anissa’s hope is that Unpad Fapsi — both students and lecturers — can participate directly. She also said that the registration was relatively easy, it just had to be fast because the colleagues’ interest from all over Indonesia was quite large. There is so much information and experience that can be obtained during this kind of scientific meeting. By doing so, it’s hoped that each individual will be able to better recognize what are the associations of psychology and the latest developments in psychology. (H/SKN)