Prof. Dr. Hj. Hendriati Agustiani, M.Si., Psikolog

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Orchid : 0000-0003-2360-0474
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Email : hendriati.agustiani@unpad.ac.id
Area of Expertise : Parenting & Family

Top 5 Paper (Scopus)

  1. Construction of shame – proneness scale of employee malay people: a study from Indonesia.
  2. Adaptation and Psychometrics of the Indonesian Version of Work and Meaning Inventory WAMI.
  3. An Elicitation Study on Sexual Salient Belief in Middle Adolescents Who Engage in Early Sexual Intercourse.
  4. Adaptation and Validation of the Indonesian Version of Counterproductive Work Behavior Checklist CWB-C In Association with Customer-Oriented Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Indonesian Public Sector-Employees.
  5. Indonesian Children’s Readiness for Elementary School a Preliminary Study to the Holistic Approach to School Readiness.


Prof. Dr. Hj. Diana Harding, M.Si., Psikolog

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Email : diana.harding@unpad.ac.id
Area of Expertise : Human Resource Development; Working Morale

Top 5 Paper (Scopus)

  1. The Entrepreneurship Intentions of Students: Attitude Establishment through Intrapersonal Communication Process.
  2. Impact of the meaningfulness of life on the daily activities of industrial workers.
  3. Investigation of the supply chain strategy impact on the customer services and supervisors.
  4. Readiness of technology adaptation towards digital-based entrepreneurship.
  5. How mindfulness and servant leadership affect customer-oriented organizational citizenship behavior: Service climate as potential mediator.


Dr. Hj. Ratna Jatnika, M.T

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Email : ratna@unpad.ac.id
Area of Expertise : Statistik Ilmu Perilaku; Metode Sampling; Metode Penelitian; Psikometri; Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia

Top 5 Paper (Scopus)

  1. The effect of sampling technique training using UNPAD statistical analysis series on sampling technique ability.
  2. The Effect of Psychometric Analysis Series Training on the Item Analysis Ability of High School Teachers in Bandung.
  3. Measurement of knowledge sharing in Jelekong Bandung Indonesia.
  4. Learning Statistics Using Universitas Padjadjaran Statistical Analysis Series.
  5. Model Factors that Affect Mastery of Statistics on Psychology Students at University of Padjadjaran.



Zahrotur Rusyda Hinduan, MOP., Ph.D., Psikolog

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Orchid : 0000-0002-1576-9248
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Email : z.r.hinduan@unpad.ac.id
Area of Expertise : Psikologi Organisasi (Organizational Change, Assesment & Intervention, Work Attitude, Work Value, Psy Capital); Psychosocial Intervention (HIV, Smoking Behavior, Sexual Behavior, IT-based Psychosocial Intervention); Generation Y dan Z.

Top 5 Paper (Scopus):

  1. Leadership, work outcomes and openness to change following an Indonesian bank merger.
  2. HIV-related knowledge and attitudes among Indonesian prison officers.
  3. Hiv-Aids prevention through a life-skills school based program in Bandung, west java, Indonesia: evidence of empowerment and partnership in education.
  4. Characteristics of subjects counseled and tested for HIV in an Indonesian hospital; factors associated with HIV-status and CD4 cell-count.
  5. A Counseling Application as an Alternative Tool in Increasing Coping Self-Efficacy Among University Students With Academic Distress During Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic in Indonesia: A Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Non-Inferiority Trial.



Dr. Anissa Lestari Kadiyono, M.Psi., Psikolog

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Email : anissa.lestari@unpad.ac.id
Area of Expertise : Human Capital; Psychological Capital; Positive Organizational Behavior; Work Ethic; Productive Behavior; Entrepreneurship; Religiosity

Top 5 Paper (Scopus)

  1. Country-level correlates of the Dark Triad traits in 49 countries.
  2. Develop leadership style model for Indonesian teachers performance in Education 4.0 era.
  3. Educating the External Conditions in the Educational and Cultural Environment.
  4. Gender, education, and digital generations as determinants of attitudes toward health information for health workers in West Java, Indonesia.
  5. Readiness of Technology Adaptation towards Digital-Based Entrepreneurship.



Aulia Iskandarsyah, M.Psi., M.Sc., Ph.D., Psikolog

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Orchid : 0000-0002-9526-6922
Sinta : 5987046
Email : a.iskandarsyah@unpad.ac.id
Area of Expertise : Medical Psychology, Health and Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, Qualitative Study, Health Technology and Assessment.

Top 5 Paper (Scopus)

  1. ​​Psychosocial and Cultural Reasons for Delay in Seeking Help and Non-adherence to Treatment in Indonesian Women with Breast Cancer.
  2. Satisfaction with information and its association with illness perception and quality of life in Indonesian breast cancer patients.
  3. The Distress Thermometer and its validity : a first Psychometric Study in Indonesian Women with Breast Cancer.
  4. Consulting a traditional healer and negative illness perceptions are associated with non-adherence to treatment in Indonesian women with breast cancer.
  5. Health locus of control in Indonesian women with breast cancer: A comparison with healthy women.