The Faculty of Psychology’s Public Relation — The Faculty of Psychology, Padjadjaran University, is again holding a collaboration with a researcher and psychiatrist from Vrije University Amsterdam and a psychiatrist from Amsterdam UMC, Joeri K.Tijdink, MD, Ph.D. He is an expert in Research Integrity, Mental Health Academia, and Psychiatry Studies. From January 12-19 2023, a series of discussions between psychologists and psychiatrists, research discussions with lecturers and students, Guest Lectures and Teaching were held. Classes were conducted in Mental Status Examination Course for Psychologist Masters students and Research Ethics for Doctoral Program students.

Discussions to build collaboration between psychologists and psychiatrists were carried out through Psychology-Psychiatry Collaboration: Practice and Research. In this activity, which was attended by psychology and psychiatry academics as well as psychologists, Joeri K. Tijdink, MD, Ph.D served as the keynote speaker. Two other speakers were Diana Setiyawati, M.HSc.Psy., Ph.D from the Faculty of Psychology, Gajah Mada State University (UGM) and Dr. Veranita Pandia, dr., Sp.KJ(K)., M.Kes. from the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University. The discussion, which was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Head of the Specialist-I Psychiatry Study Program, Faculty of Psychology UNPAD, reached several points of agreement on the collaboration of the two professions which will be followed up in the future.

Student photo with Dr. Joeri Tijdink [Source: Fapsi Public Relations]

Guest Lecture: Mental Health in Academia was held by inviting lecturers, students, and mental health professionals in Indonesia. Approximately 140 participants took part in this online event. The theme Mental Health in Academia explains how academics (lecturers and students) can stay mentally healthy while dealing with various demands and academic activities. His presentation is based on research and also books he has published (in Dutch).

For the Mental State Examination (MSE) and Research Ethics lectures, Joeri K. Tijdink, MD, Ph.D has been a part of the teaching team for the past 3 years. This year lectures were held offline. The Mental State Examination (MSE) course is conducted in a hybrid manner, since it is also attended by lecturers and Psychiatry residents this year. Offline lectures bring a pleasant atmosphere, especially because the lecture method was interesting by holding a roleplay session. For the Research Ethics course, students presented and discussed the ethical aspects of their dissertation research, it is hoped that at the end of this course students can submit ethical approval to the ethics committee.

Classes with guest lecturers [Source: Fapsi Public Relations]

Research discussions were done together with students and a team of lecturers from the Faculty of Psychology Padjadjaran, University who have collaborated in joint research. Discussions and planning for further collaboration were also carried out, both in the form of joint supervision, joint publications and joint research. Currently, Joeri K. Tijdink, MD, Ph.D. is also compiling a book “Mental Status Examination” with three MSE teaching teams.

Hopefully collaboration between professions and institutions on a national and international scale in Tridharma activities will bring benefits and run smoothly at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Padjadjaran! (H/SKN)