Workshop on Knowing Graphology with the KAROHS Method

To improve the capabilities and knowledge of lecturers and students, on Thursday 25 April 2019 a workshop was held with the theme “Getting to Know Graphology with the KAROHS Method”. This activity was facilitated by Sybly Avivi, M.Psi., CHAT or commonly called Kang Aviv. Kang Aviv himself is an alumnus of the Master of Professional Psychology at Padjadjaran University, who is currently the leader of LKP Grafologi Indonesia, president at KAROHS International School of Handwriting Analysis. As many as one hundred participants who attended this workshop learned material about graphology methods, the application was based on the KAROHS approach. Participants are also taught about how a person processes information that is reflected in his writing style. According to Kang Aviv himself, the encouragement and motivation of the writer and the dominance of his orientation can also be known in this graphology. (RACE)

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