(from right to left: Winamora Dapa [FAPSI 2017], Annisa Azalia [FIKOM 2017], Giovanni Nickson [FIKOM 2016]) (photo: Winamora Dapa)

In March 2019, there was a selection of participants of the NUDC (National University Debate Championship) in Unpad. NUDC is an English debate competition held by the Director General of Belmawa Ministry of Research and Technology (RISETDIKSTI) each year. Winamora passed and entered the representative team from Unpad as Best Speaker 3 (N1 Adjudicator). Winamora and her two debate teams went to the regional level selection stage representing Unpad.

Winamora Dapa (FAPSI 2017) 1st Place Essay Writing in NUDC 2019 at Airlangga University, Surabaya. (photo: Winamora Dapa)

At the regional level, the Unpad debate team successfully passed the national level selection and Winamora continued in the Essay Writing competition held at Airlangga University on July 14-19. The challenges faced by Winamora as N1 Adjudicator participants include competition with other participants and must maintain confidence before the jury. As an essay contestant, the challenge she faced was finding the right and interesting titles in the topic: The Best Model for Education and writing with a duration of 1 hour.

Winamora’s struggle and prayer ended sweetly, she won 1st place in the Essay Writing Contest at NUDC 2019. The idea Winamora wrote during the competition entitled “If everyone is a doctor, who will harvest the rice?” managed to make her the champion. Through this competition, she can add insight into debating. She also said “Be the best of the best, and don’t forget to always pray.” (MRI)


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